Steel Challenge at OKCGC tomorrow, May 18th

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Apr 24, 2009
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This is cut and pasted from the email that Tony sent out last Sunday:

OKCGC Steel Challenge is this coming Saturday, May 18th

Steel challenge is a great way to way to keep the fundamentals sharp for the more experienced shooters or to introduce new & junior shooters to the shooting sports.

Pre-register at until Friday before 9:30pm:
Match Registration Link >

Plan for 6 stages, 5 strings each, 5 targets per string.
Approx. 150 Min. Round Count

Rimfire: Pistol/Rifle (no tube fed rifles)
Centerfire: Pistol Caliber Only (Carbines must be 9mm/40/45acp)

* Rimfire Rifle Open
* Rimfire Pistol Open
* Rimfire Rifle Irons
* Rimfire Rifle Irons
* Production
* Single Stack
* Limited
* Carry Optics
* Open
* Iron Sight Revolver
* Optical Sight Revolver
* PCC Open
* PCC Irons

Approx. 10AM start time [sign-in will start about 9:30 after setup is completed]
Setup will begin at 8:30 & all help is appreciated.

$15 for club members, $20 for non-members, $5 for a second gun (2 guns max)
$5 For first timers (1 gun only for first timers)
$5 for the kiddos

You don't have to be a USPSA/SCSA member to shoot, but you will need to be a member if you want to get classified

Go to for details

ALWAYS CHECK THE WEATHER If there is any doubt about a match, check the OKC Gun Club's website for last minute changes.


Tony Wall
email: [email protected]

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