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Apr 9, 2011
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Where they bust the sod in South Tulsa County.
Being winter and the economy as it is I decided to work part time at one of the stores. I plan on reporting a lot of activity here for amusement for everyone.
First day
I showed up on time like I was advised at 11, no manager and asst manager didn’t know how to process paperwork and said to come back later and the manager should be back. I had some stuff to keep me busy so got my stuff done and went back around 3. Still no manager. I showed up to work not stand around and BS so I picked up a broom and started sweeping. Store hasn’t been deep cleaned in a while and later you’ll see why. About 10 minutes into cleaning the disaster area the asst manager hollers to help him. Swept my pile up to get to later and helped him with some returns(a one person job mind you).
Finish helping him and then finish sweeping, bored. Bathroom is nasty so start cleaning it and still have not been told what I need to do; it’s been over an hour now.
Manager shows up and finds me cleaning, says we can do paperwork now. Im deep in bleach and have maybe 2 mins and bathroom will be spotless so I try and finish. Manager comes back to me about a minute later and says let’s do this paperwork. Im still finishing up the sink so I wipe it down and go with him.
Do the paperwork, do a walkthrough and then shown how to ring things up. Manager leaves for the day(was there an hour total) so I ask one of the other guys what needs done. “Pretty much nothing” was blurted out.
Around then the “kids” shift has started and the store is getting busy so with little “knowledge” I start helping people out. Stayed consistent for about an hour then it slowed to a crawl.
I can’t just stand so I go back to cleaning, cleaned the back and on the way to the front past the kid I thought heard “over achiever” lowly voiced.
So now I’m pretty much out of stuff to do and go to the counter where one of the kids is talking to her self.
Well I thought she was, customer needed alternator tested so went to get the tester and I look on the counter and my mug is live action on a phone sitting on the counter. I look at the phone and it goes black other then the window my face is in now completely in. Weird. I look over and the kid is pretty embarrassed grabbing her phone quickly. I test the guys alternator and go and put the tester up. One of the guys working with me is probably in his mid 50s so I ask what the deal is with that phone. He says oh she’s on the phone with her boyfriend, he is obviously fine with it. Seriously!! It’s dead at this point but from 4-8:30 this kid has been at work and on the phone with her boyfriend the entire time. What work other then answering the phone and checking people out has been done by them, zero.
Closing time I take the broom and make sure the front is clean and again I hear “over achiever” being said, I’m assuming the kid is telling her boyfriend but honestly don’t care.
At the end of the shift the older guy tells me I’ve been working to hard and need to slow down. I ask why and he tells me cleaning is pointless and I would be the only one cleaning so…
I ask what that meant and he just said I’d find out if I kept cleaning.

So to save people that don’t want to read about my boring first day I will list the highlights.
Cleaning is a no-no.
While at work it’s ok to voice call with your boyfriend, even while dealing with customers.
You will be called names for doing normal everyday work things like cleaning or eating in the break room instead of the front counter.
Totally the opposite when I was young at my first job but we didn’t have cell phones back then so maybe this is the new normal for some but not me one bit.

I’ll post again after my next shift, supposedly the kid that worked last night is the “best one” of the three so things should get interesting.

I’m just waiting to see all the jaw drops when they find out who this new guy is…
This sounds like a Union shop.

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