So I found some money

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May 11, 2016
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Southern Oklahoma
As you walk through a busy place, somebody runs between you and another person and "accidentally" drops some cash – typically a few hundred dollar bills. The person beside you sees it, as well.

He begins to pick up the banknotes, but because he knows you noticed, offers to share it 50-50. As a good person you are, you look after the owner of the money, but he is long gone. You fall into temptation, take your share of $200, and walk away.

Three minutes later, the owner of the money – along with a couple of big guys – taps your shoulder and asks for the money back – the full amount. As you only have half, you need to see the closest ATM in order to get away without being hurt. As foolish as it seems, the scam happens a lot.

Money Drop / Found Wallet scam
One variation of the hustle works like this: An individual notices a wallet or transparent bag full of money in plain view. In my case it was a wad of USD dropped on the snow in front of me. It is then scooped up by a passerby, who asks the targeted victim to split the money. During the conversation, a second person appears, claiming to have lost his money. The “discovered” money is counted and soon the hapless victim finds himself accused of theft and asked to produce his wallet to prove he has not taken the "missing" money, your wallet is then emptied of its contents. There are different variations of the wallet drop scam but all of them involve two individuals working together. For example, in another variation the second person poses as a police officer, and threatens the victim with arrest if he doesn’t hand over their wallet for inspection to answer for the “missing” money. Fortunately these scams are easy to avoid. If you see cash on the ground, ignore it and say "no" to anyone who approaches you.
Huh. Good to know, thanks.

Learn sumthin' new every day.

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Jun 14, 2005
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A scam possibly but they picked the wrong guy for sure. Adams isn't a lil dude so that's hilarious if that is the case. He probably walked in and said to his gal, bad idea not this guy and we may have just lost our bait money.

My guess is it wasn't a scam, it was probably just some lazy dope addict that one of their acquaintances dropped something and was too lazy to even say anything. Folks that are high don't give a crap about much of anything.

Either-way standup thing to return it. Now it makes me even more cautious hearing of the possible scams.

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