The ultimate beater watch

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Feb 25, 2017
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After recently getting back into watch collecting, I had an idea that I wanted to make the ultimate beater watch that I can wear to work or at other times it is likely to get damaged. I wanted something that would be good quality, and be different enough that it would be something of a conversation piece. As an exercise, I set a few ground rules. I wanted a titanium case for light weight, I wanted to hydromod it, so it needed to be quartz, I wanted something with a recognizable brand name, and I wanted to see if I could put it together for less than 50 bucks. Well, I did it. I found a Swiss Army titanium watch listed as not working on ebay for 20 bucks shipped. On receipt, I found that the motion was bad. A replacement ronda motion including battery was 10 bucks. The crystal was very scratched. I used diamond polishing paste to remove the scratches enough to satisfy me. I'd say the cost on that was 3 bucks. I filled the case with non-conductive silicone oil. For those not familar with hydromodding, this theoretically renders the watch water proof to any depth. The linked video demonstrates this if anyone is interested . I'd say 5 bucks for the silicone oil. I put it all together this afternoon, it worked out very well, I think. I'd appreciate comments, good or bad.


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