after 27 years I think it is finally over


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Jun 3, 2022
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Aah, now.
Look at all the positive comments & support from everyone here-
it's in total contrast to what 'they' always say, ain't it...? That, "Nobody Likes a Quitter".
If it preserves your Health, your Fortune, & keeps you from burning down the joint-
We DO too...(love a 'quitter')!
I know (knew) a few folks who quit the hard way, & do think you made the right call.
Breathing is a very important part of Living. It's way up top of the list.

Although never a tobacco 'fan', I've quit a few things myself- & those I've known
who did smoking claim to be a lot happier & feel better.
Hey; makes sense to me. Particularly since most 'Big Name Brands' are chock full
of Chemicals & Additives.
Those may be fine for road vehicles, just not good for your 'personal vehicle' (body).
So, Good Job!
Just keep yourself distracted with fun & interesting things until you look up &..., hey-
Ya did it!

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