Ambulance at H and H


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Jan 19, 2019
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I was in a very dark place once in my life. No one else knew it, but I would be driving and just think to myself, "If I just jerk the wheel it would all be over." But then thoughts of my kids would stop me from doing it. Things are much better now and they will never know how they saved me even though they were barely old enough to talk at the time.
I think we all have. All I wanted at one time in my life was to keep my 1 year old daughter and replace my two timing first wife. She was so conniving and hateful I had guys that knew me and just met her offering to off her for free. I even had a new wife picked out in my mind and she really liked me and kept coming around after the divorce but she was 16. UUUHHH, NO! Man I wished she was two years older! WOOOOOF!
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