Confirmed Data on Two .308s Today

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Jul 7, 2021
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First, I'd like to preface with two things: I'm not a fan of three shot groups for load development, but the loads shot today have made plenty of five-hole groups on paper...I'm shooting known loads today. Also, yes, I'm going to need to practice on my wind calls, but I wasn't going to adjust my point of aim and throw off the group.

Gun one today is my Remington M24R (rebuild using take off parts from issued rifles). This rifle doesn't shoot 175gr factory FGMM very well in either .308 or 7.62x51, but I do have a handload that is consistent in the .4s and .5s. I started with just a three-round group at 260 yards, and it did okay so I put the gun back in the house to cool off while I painted over the impacts and moved the target to 385 (as far as I can shoot from my porch in a safe direction).

Having let the rifle cool for a bit I shot another quick string of three rounds at 385. I made a .3 mil wind call based off if the grassy patch about 150 yards from the house. Apparently there was no wind behind that and I called .2 mil too much. Oh well.

The M24R was good for 1-1/2"@ 260, and 2-1/8" @ 385. I'll take it. I've only shot this load to 500 before, but it did well then too.

Surprisingly, this is the exact same size group as my 7mm RM primary hunting rifle at the exact same distance (below).

^ That was shot several months ago.

Next up (was my FN SPR A1). I have a couple of these in various configurations. One is a laser, and the other two are just okay. This is one of the "okay" ones. It is usually a 3/4 MOA gun, and can start throwing ugly groups in a hurry if the velocity gets too high. This barrel hates speed.

I shot a 2-1/4" four-shot group with it at 260 yards, with the cold bore going low/left. Like the first rifle, I put it back in the house to cool off while I painted and moved the target to 385. Brought my cooled off rifle out and slung three rounds quickly, using a .1 mil wind hold which was what I needed before. Darn near missed the target as the wind kicked up where it wasn't before. Group size was 3-1/4", or in the .83 MOA range. That's about as good as this rifle will do.


That's probably enough babbling for today. I don't plan on making either one a primary rig, but it is nice to know I can connect at a reasonable distance should I need to.

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