For One Of Our Own (Secret Santa)


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Apr 5, 2013
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Hey guys and gals,

As you know we have started our annual Secret Santa gift exchange. Last year we did a little extra for one of our members that was down on their luck. We had everyone that participated in the Secret Santa buy a extra gift and send to this particular member. He received a lot of gifts and really brighten up his Christmas. We are wanting to do this very same thing this year for another member that could use our help during this Christmas season.

So I'm thinking that if you want to participate in this additional gift exchange, PM me and I will mark you down and I will PM you back with the members name and address with your other Secret Santa. I can tell you who the member is over private message if you like. We want it to be a complete surprise so I will not post the name in this thread.

This is why I love this forum. Members helping members.

Let's make this person's Christmas the best one ever!!!!

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