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Feb 1, 2013
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Oklahoma's oldest hunting club and still the best. Year around hunting and fishing on all leases consisting of approximately 51,000 acres. Most have camping areas and 5 leases have lodging available at no additional cost when hunting the leases. We abide by all Oklahoma Wildlife Department rules, regulations, hunting seasons and bag limits. Our 13 leases are near Atoka (includes lodging), Duncan, Elk City, Jet, Lindsay, Harmon(includes lodging), Pawhuska (includes lodging), Velma and Woodward . Leases range in size from just under 1,000 acres to as large as 12,500 acres. We have excellent deer, turkey, waterfowl, hog/predator, quail, pheasant, and small game hunting. Membership includes you, your wife, children under the age of 25 and grandchildren under the age of 19 in your membership fee. We limit the number of hunters that can be on a lease at any time with our reservation system. We manage our leases to limit hunting pressure to ensure ample hunting opportunities for all members. The lease near Pawhuska is a strictly managed trophy buck lease a couple of leases are 8 points or better outside the ears and while most allow any legal deer. Guests are allowed within rules for an extra fee. We utilize an online reservation system where you can book hunts two weeks out. All members have equal access to book hunts on any lease. Our website has complete maps and lease information for all leases. Members can view harvest reports for all species and all leases to help you make hunting lease decisions. We own a hunting property with a large lodge that borders the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge with deer tower stands, goose pits, ponds and a game cleaning station plus food plots. All members have a voice in what happens in club. There are monthly meetings outside of deer hunting season to where everyone can meet to discuss club business. We have a few spots available but they are filling up fast. Office number 405 696-6343. Our web site is

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