My new Kel Tec P17's are great!


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Jul 30, 2010
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My new Kel Tec P17's are great!,,,
They are on their way to being my favorite plinkers.


I bought them from a friend who purchased them for him and his 3 sons to shoot,,,
For some reason his boys didn't like them and neither did he,,,
So I bought them with only 100 rounds fired from each.

I've taken them to the range three times now,,,
They are happily eating away at my bucket of odd rimfire ammo,,,
Subsonic to super velocity ammo and the pistols just eat them all up.

Last time out I took my little shooting rest and adjusted the sights,,,
It was very easy to do (actual instructions in the manual) with the supplied allen wrench.

Now both pistols are spot on at 15 yards,,,
I'm shooting Federal Auto Match through them mostly,,,
It's the least expensive brand name ammo I can get at Wal Mart.

I see no reason to use Mini Mags,,,
They both shoot the lower velocity Auto Match just fine.

They are single action pistols,,,
So once you chamber the first round,,,
The Safety Switch is the only method to prevent firing.

There is no loaded chamber indicator,,,
But there is a small opening at the rear of the slide,,,
You can see the bright red paint on the cocked hammer through that opening.

It doesn't mean there is definitely a round chambered,,,
But with the single action operation it does show a cocked state,,,
If the pistol is cocked I will assume there is a round until I physically check it.

I have to say the SA trigger in these guns is very nice,,,
The manual says they are set at four pounds,,,
But I wouldn't be surprised if it were less.

I wish they had 3-dot sights,,,
But the front fiber optic is visible enough,,,
And a little daub of white paint on the rear sights will improve them.

Each pistol came with three 16 round mags,,,
If you do the 17 round thing that is exactly one 50-round box of ammo.

That tickles my OCD brain to no end.

Takedown for cleaning is extremely simple,,,
Just hold down one small button and the slide comes off in one movement.

Every part of the gun is very accessible for cleaning and lubing,,,
After the first range trip it only took about 15 minutes to clean them both.

Nice trigger, decent sights, 17 round capacity,,,
This is a good choice if someone wanted to carry a .22 pistol.

In short, I am as pleased with these pistols as I have ever been with any of my guns,,,
I never ordered one when they first came out even though I was intrigued,,,
There were just too many bad reviews from early buyers.

But Kel Tec seems to have solved any problems they had,,,
I would now reccommend the P17 to anyone wanting an inexpensive range plinker..



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May 14, 2020
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$219.99 w/free shipping from PSA.

ETA: I'm a huge fan of Kel-Tec firearms and have several. My P17 has an annoying issue of not quite going into battery. Usually a very light tap on the back of the slide or even shaking the gun will fix it. I think it just needs to be shot a little more.

I'm not much of a Taurus fan. I do, however, have a TX22 and, in my opinion, it's a much better .22 pistol than the Kel-Tec.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either.
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