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New .22 Suppressor From Surefire!!!

Discussion in 'NFA & Class III Discussion' started by MAJ MALFUNCTION, Jan 17, 2011.


    MAJ MALFUNCTION Sharpshooter

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    Mar 17, 2007
    Yo' momma's house
    That's right, SUREFIRE is branching out it's suppressor line (beyond rifle cans) AND THEY CAME TO PLAY!!!!

    They will offer two models that will look virtually identical on the exterior, the only major difference being what they're made out of.

    The 22-A will be an aluminum can (with a titanium aft-cap, to protect the integrity of the threads).

    The 22-S will be stainless steel.

    I got to handle and shoot the pre-production "prototypes" at SUREFIRE's range a few days ago and the cans are IMPRESSIVE!!

    Here are some highlights that apply to both models:

    -Both are user serviceable and will include "take down" tools and a "pusher" rod

    -Both use SUREFIRE's new, proprietary "pig nose" baffle. The baffles have slots on each end that allow them to slide together and form a single stack that you drop into the tube (the tube does not have threaded ends). Once the baffle stack is dropped into the distal end of the tube, you screw the aft cap into the first baffle and it "pulls" the whole baffle stack longitudinally and puts it "under tension". It's a very cool design and the baffles are a thing of beauty. I'm not allowed to post pics of the baffles right now - but should be able to soon!

    -Both are EXTREMELY QUIET! SUREFIRE is getting some very, very good numbers during their in-house sound testing. I shot the cans next to a different manufacturer's .22 can for reference and to my ear there was a substantial difference in sound reduction. Once we get production cans in hand, I'll do some independent sound testing to verify the can's performance. The prototypes cans that I got to shoot are easily in the top 10% of "quiet" .22 cans.

    -Both cans will have SUREFIRE's uncompromising attention to minimal POI shift between suppressed and unsuppressed. The guys at SUREFIRE are absolutely fanatical about minimal (1moa or less) POI shift - and that focus is carrying over to their .22 cans.

    Here are some details specifics to each model:

    THE 22-A:

    -The 22-A is FREAKISHLY LIGHT!!! It's a 2 Oz. can!!!!!! Let me say that again - It's 2 frickin' Ounces!!!!!! When you hold the can in your hand, it's feels like there's nothing there - it's almost shocking how crazy light it is. I kept picking it up again and again and again - I just couldn't get over how light the can is. The prototype that I handled had an aluminum aft cap, but the production unit will have Ti. The guys at SUREFIRE think that will bump the weight to 2.2 or 2.3 Oz. Either way, it's still insanely light.

    -The 22-A will have a very competitive MSRP of $439. Just to give you a benchmark, the AAC Prodigy has an MSRP of $495

    THE 22-S:

    -The 22-S will be multi-caliber rated. I'm not sure if it will be all the way up through the FN 5.7 round - but I think it will.

    -The 22-S will weight somewhere in the 5Oz. range.

    -The SS-S will have an MSRP of $499. That gives the can pricing parity with the SWR Spectre and Silencerco SS Sparrow.

    Here are a couple of pics of some prototype cans. [span style='font-weight: bold;']These cans are "in the white" and only prototypes.[/span] Production cans will have a black finish and meet SUREFIRE's high standard for fit/finish.

    The 22-A:


    The 22-S:


    We'll have some of the first cans to hit the street - SUREFIRE will start production right after SHOT Show!
  2. NikatKimber

    NikatKimber Moderator Staff Member

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    Jan 2, 2006
    The 22-A sounds like the ideal can for a 22/44-TacSol combo. Just for giggles, 2oz is about what 6" of 3/4" PVC pipe weighs - which is very comparable in size too. Impressive!
  3. Seadog

    Seadog Sharpshooter

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Nice. That's impressive and priced well!
  4. ColtDogg

    ColtDogg Sharpshooter

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    Dec 25, 2007
    Do you know if the cans will be rated for full auto?

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