The wife wins again


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Aug 10, 2015
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Well, the shed and all is looking good....

....and just as a reminder, you are supposed to be behind the shed when you do "headers."

But my friend, you aren't alone.

We were working our Summer job in Indiana last year, and I had just climbed the ladder to clean the glass in front of the forward facing cameras on the work van. Coming back down, I missed the last step on the ladder and went down. Wife was in passenger seat and the ladder, which was still standing, prevented her from being able to open her door. She swears that my head barely missed the steel guardrail along the edge of the roadway. Another fellow was there, and I told both of them that I was just fine. (Which I was.)

But now, if the ground next to the van looks shaky in any way, she reaches out and holds onto the ladder to help stabilize. (That won't help if I just miss the last step again, but she feels better for it.)

Good luck to both of you. You are still in our prayers.
You are very good people. Blessed as well with faith and grace
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