Which cities in Oklahoma or north Texas are good for shopping for quality vintage guns?


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Jun 8, 2021
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Lawton, Ok
Any Colt revolver is going to be premium plus priced, because Rick Grimes carried a Python in The Walking Dead. You should be able to find a good clean Colt 70 series for under a grand pretty easily. I paid $750 for mine (and then had it completely gutted and rebuilt by Steve Owens at Integrity Arms). Savage 99’s are all over the place in prices…good luck. Most people don’t have an appreciation for Husky rifles, so you should be able to find a deal on one. I may be wrong but wouldn’t think finding a Mossberg 500 would be much of a stretch.:anyone:

Edit to add…Be careful buying on Armslist, because it’s a known scammer den. Honestly, Texas Gun Trader is getting just as bad, but most of the scammers on there have “tells” and are easily spotted.

I will just have to be patient. One can not be in a hurry to find a dream gun.
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