6 days in lockdown and I'm gonna make it home tonight.

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Dec 8, 2015
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Lincoln county
If you care to read here's a Reader's Digest version of the last few days.
I've been feeling like crap for a couple of weeks and was standing on my back porch and just passed out, hurt my left hip. Couple of days later I'm standing on the front porch ....you guessed it, passed out again and screwed up my right hip. My porches are 5 steps and I think I bounced my head of every dang one them. A few days ago still feeling like crap I went out to the shop and got my big pry bar to move some rr ties around that I got from @Mr.Glock.
Well next thing I know boom.....heart attack! Got it together long enough to type "help" on my phone and didn't try making it to the house @Okie4570. So I'm still foggy and I don't know what "strain" it was and not trying to start a fight about medicine you choose to fight it with.. all i know is that virus was shutting my kidneys and air off and hurt my heart badly. My heart doctor said he has no explanation how in the hell I keep making it up there in time to get fixed. Anyway everyone was vey kind and concerned about me and gave me great care which was very comforting in my time need.
They stuck me in the wheelchair to go home and the nice people up there were happy for me. I hollered not today Mr Grimm Reaper and they all enjoyed that.
Not such a short version and and spell checking is not allowed on me today because brain fog a real thing.


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