Animal control.....and the search for rural property

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Mar 3, 2022
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I know there are risks having the cats out in the country, and we've already considered that. One cat is indoors only, the older one I think has the "street smarts" to stay out of trouble. I grew up in the country. We had several cats on our 50 acre farm (probably at least 7 or 8 at one time that were pets, plus another 8 or so barn cats). We didn't really keep track of the barn cats, but the only time I remember losing one of our pet cats was when a young cat we were particularly fond of got mauled in our front yard. We suspected, of all things, the neighbor's dogs. Never had much trouble with wild animals right up by the house, except for a skunk or two and the occasional snake. That was in southern Indiana. Dunno if OK is more dangerous in that regard.

Our older cat catches critters now and then, maybe a bird or rabbit once every couple months or so. He seems to be a skillful hunter. The younger (indoor) cat, not so much. As my little girl says, he "doesn't use his brain". I don't think he could even catch a cold.

Say what you want about cats murdering other little creatures, we've enjoyed not having to deal with mice.

On topic, save what $ you can for the deposit. Pinch, scrimp where ever you can if your serious. Not in the bank though , under your pillow, coffee can somewhere safe . Real estate market will cycle for the buyer's. It Was, a seller's market or cycle, but with current conditions its only a matter of time and it'll be a tough crash as Oklahoma saw a lot of imports due to the mmj industry. Imo there will be a lot of foreclosures. Some sites that allow viewing of foreclosures may require membership. But keep your eyes peeled and your piggy bank growing. Off topic, I don't like cats for the above stated reasons and because we have farm animals. Animals not belonging to us typically don't fare well.

I keep hearing the real estate market will slow down, but by that they mean "continue to go up, but at a lower rate". But that is in reference to the national market in general. Maybe Oklahoma will be different. I've been hitting LandWatch, and it's pretty frustrating when it seems half the properties come up as "Under Contract". Found a very promising property in Tecumseh and got real excited, called, found out it was in the process of being sold to a relative.

We are saving aggressively. We've been debt-free since 2018 and prefer to stay that way. One possible plan is to pay cash for land where we can put our RV for a few months, sell/store our big items, and sell this house in Moore. With the proceeds from the house, plus our other savings and cash flow, we should be able to build something (it doesn't have to be fancy). I told myself I would never sell this house, but I really don't want to deal with the tomfoolery of the city anymore, even as a landlord.

I'm thinking the best plan is like you said, save $$$ and keep looking, probably wait til next year (maybe?) for the market to swing back. I'd hate to pay big bucks for a little 5 acre lot now, then see 15 acre lots next year for the same price.



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Jul 31, 2022
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Elk City
We had a idget down the road who would dump a 40 pound bag of cat food out and it brought every cat in the section around. We came home late one night to find 19 cats in our front yard.
Between 22’s and air rifles I thinned em out but it took months of cat crap in our flower beds and cat piss on my hay bales( and me) to rid ourselves of them.
Killed all our birds off as well

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