NRA Donates $122,720 to ODWC

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Aug 19, 2010
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over yonder
Got this email from the NRA today; if they would just get rid of Wayne LaPierre I could feel better about them.

NRA Donates $122,720 to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce a donation of more than $120,000 earlier this month to the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission thanks to the overwhelming use of NRA's free Online Hunter Education course by Oklahoma residents in 2021.
"Thanks to our partnership with the NRA, more than 4,500 Oklahoma sportsmen and sportswomen took the free hunter education course provided by the NRA in 2021," said Lance Meek, Communication and Education Senior Specialist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. "I'd encourage other states to look at offering the NRA course."
These funds, totaling $122,720, can be used by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission to apply for Pittman-Robertson grants that will result in $368,160 of funds for the department.
"We are pleased to partner with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and that they have capitalized on this opportunity to provide our free course, and then used the match option to receive Pittman-Robertson funds," said Peter Churchbourne, director of the NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum. "It's good to see all the hard work come full circle to benefit this agency and the residents of Oklahoma."
Designed and provided by the organization that built the first-ever hunter education program in the United States in 1949, the NRA Hunter Education online course offers a fresh and fully comprehensive approach to hunter education. The 15-chapter online sequence features attention-grabbing videos, eye-catching graphics and diagrams, interactive modules, audio recordings and dozens of action photos presented in appealing, easy-to-access components that provide the best method for teaching future hunters lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives.
To take the NRA Hunter Education online course or learn more, visit​

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