Shtf family logistics/movement

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May 18, 2020
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Del City, OK
I don’t know if it’s possible to narrow down a single plan for such problems because the scenarios which would cause me to bug out are too numerous.

Keep a variety of options and have a generalized plan to get you into position to use those.
There was this guy during the years after WWI who decided to skip all the nastiness he saw coming in the world and move to where nothing had ever happened, and never would. He settled on an little island in the Pacific. A place called Midway.

Almost Jack Burton

Not the real Jack Burton but close.
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Sep 2, 2019
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Nov 24, 2023
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I know this topic has a rather dark undertone and a lot of hypothetical scenarios but I had a discussion with a few different people not on here and the answers were all over the place so I figured I'd see what ya'all had to say.
So here goes.
In the case of either short term or long term catastrophic event whether it be Zombies(undead or antifa type), emp, Political scumbelly induced mutual destruction amongst countries, weather or whatever else.
What are your plans/ideas to keep those in your care safe when they are not able to either "bug out" or travel long distances at a time by foot? I'm referring to either children, disabled(physically or mentally) or just well beyond their prime.
This isn't a post to judge decisions that would possibly have to be made just a discussion of what you would theoretically do.
Ok, so first things first: You will only ever "bug out" when where you are headed to and the risk of traveling there will increase your chance of survival.

Obviously, if there is a chemical train derailment next to your home anywhere would be better.

Short of that your planned bug-out location must be a place that well stocked and if it is someone else's place (example: cousin Bill's farm) they must be expecting you. If you fail to set this up now and just plan to show up and burden them with supporting you and your family at the expense of their family's resources by guilting them into it then you are a terrible person.

If your whole plan involves heading into the closest national park and "living off the land" you are an idiot.

I'm not saying that is anyone here but that is super common on survival forums.

As far as transportation for people in your group that aren't physically able a couple of things. First everyone can be in better health. I didn't say a PT stud but half the people I see with limiting physical ailments are 100% due to them being 40lbs overweight and even the elderly and infirm can do something to retain or gain back some capability.

Even with that many won't be able to go far so bugging in might be virtually the only option, if that seems like a nightmare for most of the scenarios that concern you because of where you/they are located then you need to move. I know, it sucks and you have lots of excuses for why they just can't happen but if you are serious about increasing your chances of survival you will find a way.

In the meantime, I would be looking for modes of transportation to aid them. Having a rehearsed loadout plan is best, you will grab all the things you have pre-planned to take, you have it where you can get to it easily, you have physically practiced loading it in your vehicle and you know it fits with people, and pets and it is secured so it doesn't kill you in the event of an accident (do you want full ammo cans flying around inside your car if you rollover?) and you have enough spare seats to cross load people if taking more than one vehicle and one gets disabled. You of course have topped off and rotated gas cans as needed for the distance you expect to travel. This scenario relies on you being very vigilant and getting out before the masses catch on.

An older "EMP proof" vehicle if that is a concern, tailor as needed.

If hoofing it is the most likely scenario then hunting carts work great to be modified as are bikes with trailers for covering long distances assuming you train on them regularly as part of the above fitness focus mentioned. Both of these could be used to move those unable to move on their own.

Keep in mind all of these things, from sweet F-350 and camper to shopping cart with get you A LOT of potentially unwanted attention and greatly increase your risk of travel depending on the situation.

All this said I have settled here in Oklahoma first and foremost to be in a macro-level better place and then settled in a suburb on the edge of suburbs (butts up against farmland and is far from the city) because 3 people cannot defend a farm by themselves, there just is not enough manpower for24 hour ops and hoping you are remote enough is you best hope. I of course have approached my neighbors that I sensed had similar concerns and we have a plan for mutual aid and defense of the development. I have done a lot to build community as well, you don't have to run bounding cover drills in the street, neighborhood BBQs and attending church together goes a long way into creating the cohesion you need for when times get tough.

I hope this helps, I have given this all a lot of thought and my opinion and approach to it has changed a lot over the years.


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Feb 12, 2009
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Under your bed
Not to get off subject but it's Weird you would say that, There are a couple Asian homeless people wandering around the West side/Bethany area with really nice overland packs and pretty decent looking gear(not guns or anything) but sleeping systems and not just Walmart sleeping bags mixed in with some haphazard stuff that almost looks like it meant give the appearance that they are normal homeless and don't have money.
I haven't stopped them obviously and interrogated them but if anyone reading this and thinks Im crazy or fueling conspiracy, please feel free to make a couple passes up and down North Rockwell up beyond 23rd up to Memorial and you will see them walking around.
And some of you still walk among us.
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