Surviving SHTF in Bosnia

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Jun 13, 2022
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Caldwell, IDAHO
I am most definitely a Christian, however, Bosnian Muslims are not like many others. Extremists do come from that country, but nonetheless, the Serbs were massacring Croat Catholics as well. The Bosnians were the only group to not commit war crimes in that series of wars, at least not on a large-scale basis.
The Croats and Bosnians ended up joining forces - hence Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many Croats, even some Serbs fought against Serbia in the BiH Army.
Many fighters in that war, when interviewed, including Serbs, said the war was political. The murders were partisan. If you want some videos, I’ll see if I can find them again.
Nothing in the Balkans is ever black and white.
Yet, as Christians, we are to love all people. Where the line lies between letting your own faith be eradicated, I don’t know, but Jesus walked himself to the cross, He didn’t fight. The disciples did the same.
From experience that is sometimes hard to do.

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