So my wife left my EDC bag at the OKC trampoline park last night...


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Jun 11, 2007
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So my wife left MY EDC bag at the OKC trampoline park last night​

This is the part that intrigued me. Did she borrow YOUR EDC bag or is she responsible for it when you are wagging it arouind ?
She (or one of the kids) grabbed it instead of the diaper bag, when we're out with the group I'm wearing it or it's hooked to the stroller I'm usually pushing


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Oct 12, 2017
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I had an appointment and she had a coupon for the kids so I wasn't there, and it wasn't until lunch today that I realized the bag was missing.
Its a Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack I bought on here almost 5 years ago in the probably discountinued Emergency Red color.
Before I continue the story let me talk about the bag. It's the perfect size and waterproofness I needed to keep my pockets empty and not have to carry around a diaper bag for the little one.
On road trips I throw my wallet and keys and etc into it so I'm not sitting on them for hours.
It has the dimensions and pockets of the pink one, but the color of the red one.
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I didn't keep much in it when using it in Oklahoma, diapers, wet wipes, spare knife, a Streamlight, and a spare Glock mag, but when on vacation I used the gun pocket to carry an M&P45 full size with TLR-1HL and a 14 round mag, with a spare mag. The dang bag carries alot.
I was pretty noticably upset since there was no way I could replace the bag for the $55 I paid.
We called the jump place about an hour ago and someone had turned it in, and 100% of the contents were still in it.
The moral of the story is I am amazed that there is at least one honest employee and presumably at least one honest customer to turn it in and hold it in case someone calls.
I had my wife drive back to the city to pick it up, and now that it's back in my safekeeping, I'm probably going to have to figure out how to put some easy to find contact information inside it.
Just thought I'd share my story of the day.
If anyone is looking, this bag doesn't LOOK like a gun bag that you see a lot of mall commandos are wearing. Especially when you flip the flap up and all you see is diapers, haha.
Great Story! It provides a glimmer of hope for humanity…..

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