Sorry if I laugh at your pain.

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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
As a kid a friend and I had a rule if you want to play with us.
If someone gets hurt you must laugh at them.
Pain is funny a lot of times or how you got the pain is.

We told them if you have a bone sticking out of your broken arm we will laugh at you it is just the rules but we will take you to the hospital and get you fixed up but that had to be funny how you wiped out to get that busted arm.

So here is one story that made a guy quit riding 4 wheelers with us.

Riding trails and buddy crossed the creek and said he was going that way I said trail ended and stay on this side.
Him : Nope I will go across and then at the end I will just go up the side of the bank and be back on top with you.

Me: Won't work the bank is too steep and you will flip the 4 wheeler over onto yourself.

Him : No i got this.
New guy goes with my buddy.

End of the line now and buddy decides to go up the bank.
Him: I will just get my front tires on top of the creek bank and gas it and the 4 wheeler will shoot right up on top.
Me: No it will flip over on you and submerge you in the creek.

So i get off my 4 wheeler and tell new guy get off his and stand beside my buddy with his front wheels up on the
top of the creek bank.
I said we stand here and when the 4 wheeler flips on top of him we can pull it off.

Go Time.
VROOM! 4 wheel flips and is on top of my buddy and only his feet and ankles and wrists and hands are out of the water and he is trying to push that heavy 4 wheeler off of himself.

New guy reaches down to pull the 4 wheeler off of my buddy.
I stop him and said wait a minute or so.
I will tell you when we will pull it off.
He said he can drown under there.
I said he don't breathe water!

30 or 40 seconds later my buddys hands go go limp like he gave up on trying to lift the 4 wheeler.
I said NOW!
We pull the 4 wheel off of him and my buddy sits up and gets some fresh air and shakes his head off and said
YEP! You was right Jethro.

New guy was shaken and said you could have drowned!
My buddy looked at him with a crooked head and said I DON'T BREATHE WATER.

New guy never rode with us again said we were nuts and would get someone killed.

We laughed at him.. Because it was funny :)

We are still alive and in our mid 50's and still pull stupid stuff every now and then.

I remember wanting to be a stunt man and practiced jumping over the side bed of a moving truck and at 20 MPH I could stick the landing and stay on my feet and run. (In Grass)
Teenager of course.
Thanks Fall Guy series!

2 years ago I talked my buddy into letting me try it jumping off his running board in a field at speed.

Not as fast as I once was but we got a good laugh out of it.
He said all he seen was me jumping off in the mirror and then legs and flailing arms then legs again.

HA HA!!! yep I went for a few flips and had to go back to the landing area to find my glasses :)

Good morning all.


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Nov 5, 2022
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Schadenfreude (/ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/; German: [ˈʃaːdn̩ˌfʁɔʏ̯də] lit. 'harm-joy') is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. It is a borrowed word from German, with no direct translation.

In Highschool we often with ditch and drive to Pismo to ride quads in the dunes. On this particular occasion I did not go My buddy rolled his quad and the handlebar went through his neck. It went right between his trachea and carotid artery puncturing his esophagus and going up puncturing the roof of his mouth. He was very lucky but not so lucky as to not get a handlebar in his neck at all. EMS cut the bar off and left it in when they took him to the hospital. He wound up with just stitches inside and out and spend a few weeks on a liquid diet. Everyone that went got caught ditching school and my friend never rode a quad again.


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Mar 25, 2020
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Rotflmao! Our thing was don't let Dad find out we were doing stupid ****. Stupid **** was defined as anything that got you hurt. My sister fell off a water line pipe and broke both her arms. Me and my other brothers and sisters got in trouble for laughing at her. When our teachers told my dad that we were all in trouble for laughing at her he said "What for?? I'd have laughed too! She knows better than that ****!" 😂 She didn't care anything about anyone laughing -- she just didn't want anyone to tell our parents -- because she would be in trouble. And yep!! She was right. Man did she get an ass-whipping after she got home from the hospital. Lol


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Feb 11, 2013
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My hunting buddy and I were moving deer stands, in Aug. Finished up and were riding a logging road back to camp.

They had clear cut an area (why we were moving) and the roads were like talc powder.

My buddy kept speeding up and throwing a dust cloud. I sped up twice and told him to slow down or I would bury him.

I was riding a large Kawasaki 4-wheeler, he had a 110cc Honda 3-wheeler.

Sure enough, he speeds up, again. I took off and buried him in a cloud of fine powder.

I get 50 yards down the road and hear a blood curdling scream. Looking back, nothing but a wall of dust. I pulled over and stopped.

It takes several minutes for the dust to settle, there wasn't a breath of breeze.

Dust settles and I see a lump in the middle of the road and an upside down 3-wheeler off the side of road.

Riding up, he is on his back, laughing.
Says, the dust was too thick to breath or see. He was speeding up and slowly moving to the left, trying to get out of the cloud.

All of a sudden, he does 3 360s and flies through the air.

We look and somebody had put a deer stand at the side of the road. They had staked guide wires from the corners.
He had zoomed by, clearing the wire with his front wheel and left, back wheel hooked the wire.

I pulled his 3-wheeler upright and we SLOWLY, CALMLY rode back to camp.


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Feb 2, 2014
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People thought my family on the farm was sick. You fall down we laugh. You stick a knife in your hand and bleed real bad we laughed harder! Now if it was close to death, we could handle it while laughing!


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Dec 12, 2020
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Guthrie, OK
About 6 years ago I was at our place in New Mexico and good friend of mine Sam who lived in the area convinced me to go to this Hispanic/Spanish bar about 15 miles away via dirt road. I was reluctant because that particular bar is totally patronized by the local Spanish/Hispanic and some of them are not real keen on Gringos, plus I had not been to a bar for over 25 years. It’s not my cup of tea. Did enough of the bar stuff when I was young!

There is in the area a couple from Hutchinson, KS that has a cabin near our place that they visit off and on throughout the year. They happened to be spending the week. So I tell Sam let’s invite Steve so there is at least 3 Gringos and we won’t be quite as out numbered. We invite Steve and he agrees to go if we take his Can-Am big ATV that has front and back seats and goes darn fast.

We go to the bar and have one heck of a great time and the locals were friendly enough. We all three also get really plastered. We close the bar down at two in morning and head back via the rough, twisty, rocky and hilly back road. And Steve is driving fast! (and way into his cups)

I’m in the front passenger seat with my dog Sadie between my legs and I’m holding her by the collar trying to keep her calm as she is shaking. Sam is in the back seat with his dog Blue. We come upon this sharp curve and Steve is going way too fast for the curve, so he hits the brakes and then guns it to navigate the curve. There is a netted side curtain and seat belts, but I had forgotten to put on the seat belt or close the netting of a side door. The centrifugal force took me flying out through the air and while flying, I’m thinking, “I don’t have time to tuck and roll and this is really going to hurt. Still have some hip pain from the landing.

Steve does not even notice I’m gone and keeps traveling. About 500 feet down the road Sam tells Steve, “I think we lost Glenn.” Steve looks over and says, “By God I think you’re right”.

They back up to where I’m lying in the road totally unconscious. I wake up with the two of them looking down at me and my dog Sadie licking my face.

Once they and I figured out I was going to live, we had a good laugh about the whole deal. Every time we would get together we would still laugh about it. Sadly my friend Sam has since passed.

Whenever I introduce Steve to others I introduce him as the guy that tied to kill me and we have a good laugh.

What doesn’t kill you can sometimes be funny when you survive.

That’s my story and I’m stick’n to it!

Sorry it took so many words. Didn’t know how else to tell it.

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