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red dirt shootist

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Mar 15, 2023
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Are you having headaches and self medicating with large doses of LSD? I only ask because the current crop of psychotropic drugs are not powerful enough for this experience. Not long ago I replied to a thread and explained my own theory of transcendental osmotic experience. Simply put, we all know that osmosis is the transfer of biological material, but I believe it can and does include the transfer of thoughts and images trapped in our memory by electrical waves emanating from our bodies So, just to satisfy my own curiosity have you been physically close to @dennishoddy recently? We all know he is not a well man, evidence of this is he recently posted a picture of his ideal pinup girl in the thread, "pass or tap" which happened to be a gaunt and emaciated picture of Nancy Pelosi. His obsession with her is disturbing at best, but I wonder if his subconscious brain synapsis concerning her, in a kind of hot or not scenario could have been transferred to you by transcendental osmosis, causing an extremely confused and worrisome dream pattern?

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