The NRA Meeting in Houston ... so far

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Mar 20, 2009
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Moore, OK
I'm in Houston for the NRA Meeting. I will not abandon the Training and Education mission of the NRA! Virtually every exhibitor I talked with was about training. Appleseed, Scholastic Shooting Sports Program, my focus was on improving training at the various clubs and ranges I support.

The Friends of NRA, which directly supports shooting sports, had a great fund-raising event Thursday night. We talked with Friends of NRA chapter leaders from other states, and they all agreed that donations for training and shooting sports has been down because of Wayne LaPierre. The big money donors from their areas are putting pressure on their contacts on the board of directors that Wayne must go.

So Saturday morning, we were greeted by protestors outside the convention center. The crowd size grew as the day went by. But the Houston PD established their presence and authority early. They established a barrier and said, cross the line and you go to jail. Any violence and you go to jail. So, the protestors stayed on their side, waved their signs, chanted and never got violent. The protestors were sun burned and pretty much exhausted after we spent the day inside with air conditioning and did not confront us when we left.

We had planned on seeing Donald Trump at the leadership forum, but they only had three metal detectors scanning the line of people waiting to get in. So we opted for lunch at Pappadeaux's instead. Followed by more time in the hall meeting and dealing with vendors.

Daniel Defense opted to cancel for the show. I can understand their reasoning. But I was surprised that Sig Sauer cancelled at the last minute. I did not understand that one and was disappointed since I was trying to setup deals from them.

The concert for Saturday night has been gutted because of all the performers cancelling. Don McLean pulled out, Larry Gatlin, Larry Stewart of Restless Heart and Lee effing Greenwood. So we will just have a nice dinner Saturday night instead.

Saturday morning is the Members Meeting and I expect to see some drama about Wayne LaPierre ...

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