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Nov 28, 2010
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Over the last few months, issues over good feedback, bad feedback, no feedback have been occasionally reported to the mods. Remember that you choose to use the classifieds here on OSA at your own risk. You get to choose who you do and don't buy from, or sell to. The mods are not here to arbitrate he said/she said disputes over feed back or classified deals, there's just no way for us to 100% without a doubt determine what was actually said or implied, nor do we want to.

-You are free to use or don't use the classifieds
-You are free to sell or don't sell to who you wish
-You are free to buy or not buy from who you wish
-You are free to leave feedback or don't, although it is generally appreciated
-When reading negative feedback, keep in mind there may be more to the story and the negative feedback may not have been warranted
-If you buy, sell or trade on OSA, be prepared to receive whatever feedback is left for you, that's one aspect, good or bad, of using the classifieds here.

Sorry it has to be these way, but this is where we're at.
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