Desi Wok, looking for man caught shoving their serving robot

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Apr 14, 2009
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TULSA, Okla. — A customer was caught on camera kicking the Desi Wok serving robot.​

The robot, aptly named Desi, was kicked by a customer after it didn't move due to the customer not removing the plates from her stand.

After learning about the incident, owner Labrina Shamsi asked the gentleman to leave. She said the customer became upset and seemed to make the other customers feel unsafe due to him causing a scene.

Shamsi said the staff sent the plates out to the table but because they didn’t take the plates, the robot stayed there by their table.

When the man got agitated and became rude, Labrina said she gave him to-go boxes and refunded his money, asking him to leave.

He then called her a "Karen" and said he is the customer and will leave when he is good and ready.

Shamsi said she asked once more to leave but he grew angrier, so she threatened to call the police if he did not leave. She said he turned his phone on to record her asking who she was and she proceeded to say she is the owner of the restaurant. She said he then left, only one minute later did the police arrive.

Shamsi told police she could have let go of him mistreating the robot, but she couldn't let go how he acted afterward.

Charges were filed for destruction of property and trespassing, but Shamsi said she doesn't have the name of the man responsible.

Desi Wok made a post on Instagram showing the incident and expressing how they do not allow their employees, or their robot, to be bullied, abused, yelled at, or kicked by customers.

Desi Wok then made a statement saying this in part:

”If anyone knows who this suspect is, you can privately message us so that we can give his name to the police. Desi Wok is offering a $1000 Desi Wok gift card to the person who can identify this suspect.

please private message if you have any information."

Sadly, we do not know this customer's name, but we do have him and and his companion on video. The video has been turned over to the police.

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