Finished another set

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Dec 9, 2008
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Ponca City Ok
Edit: I don't know why the pics didn't post on some. It looked fine on my phone when posting it, but somehow only the links to the photo's showed up in this post when on my computer.

I’ve previously posted pics of knife handles (scales) built from stone while we were wintering in Arizona earlier this year.

I don’t have the expensive specialized equipment to produce more at home, so decided to build some from wood.
Woodcrafters provided the 3X3X12” block of Bocote, a South American hardwood for the steak knives and Indego DymaLux for the chefs knife.

View attachment IMG_2447.jpeg

After lots of cutting, sanding and forming, time to glue.

View attachment IMG_2468.jpeg

View attachment IMG_2449.jpeg

After more shaping and hand sanding they were ready for polyurethane.

View attachment IMG_2483.jpeg


Wanted them done before Christmas to gift the steak knives but it didn’t happen, so have to hang on to them until next year.
The chef’s knife stays with me.
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