June has been a mother of a month. Here's to a better July

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Apr 22, 2016
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Beginning of May, we found a pretty narly leak in the master bathroom coming from the Jacuzzi tub thing. Made it's way to half the bathroom carpet and 5-6 feet of newly installed flooring in the bedroom. Killed the water supply to the tub, called a contractor and decided to deplete our savings and go ahead and redo the entire bathroom/closet/shower etc. It was the last room in the house we have not redone since moving in 12 years ago.

Job went ok. Thank God for me working from home. Very end of May all complete. Double shower with bench and drying area. Beautiful doesn't described it.

June 2nd I'm up around 0500. Walk towards the bathroom and water is seeping up from the tile in the bedroom. I start pulling tile until I find dry floor. Call the Contractor, and he shows up about 0730 along with the Plumber. New Plumber too, old one that worked for them is now "gone". After 4 days of drilling, cutting sheetrock, camera etc, they determine it's leaking from the outside of the house, into the dirt up through floor. I call BS. I cut a piece of sheet rock out to the back of the shower and see it leaking under the shower liner.

Head Contractor comes, overrides the guy and says "it's on us" They decide to not tear the shower floor up, and tunnel under. Ok, it's on their dime, so lets get er done. Plumber spends a week jack hammering, digging and fixing the pipes. House looks like a freggin drug house

When hooking up the new line, the old line in the slab bursts and the outside faucet thing bursts, leaking water into the bedroom. Rush job, break everything down and move it to the living room and dining room. New line has to be run.

Water is still leaking from under the liner. After all that, they end up tearing out the shower floor and discover the liner they installed under the concrete was not installed correctly.

Battle the insurance ID10T's for a full week. My agent is furious at the adjusters. I call their BS tell them they are dragging their feet as the Contactor is waiting on them to process the claim and are hoping we say screw it and proceed. I threaten to call a good friend at a local news channel and out of the blue, an adjuster shows up 3 hours later. Does his thing, two hours later, money in the account all is good. Contractor has the green light.

Lets back track to June 12th. Wife is out walking the dog. Stray comes up and starts messing with her and my little Yorkie. She picks Yorkie up, tries to get out of the area and ends up tripping over something. Busts the hell out of her phone, watch, knee, elbow, hands and chin. Some elderly gentleman (I'm going to call him an angel) sees this, jumps out and turns John Wick on the dog. Helps my wife up and calls me. I'm 3 blocks away and head out. Load her up, thank him about 50 times (wanted to thank him another 50) and head home. Never found the dog. If I do, I'm going to need bail money. Get her fixed up, cleaned up and calmed down. She's ok now. Phone and Watch taken to Apple Store, 60 dollars later, new phone, new watch. Apple Care does work sometimes.

Lets back track to June 5th. My wife in her 1 year old Explorer, has one of those mowing company trailers, drop an 8" blade, truck in front kicks it up and blows out the rear tire, gouges the passenger front door, passenger rear door and busts the tail light. Claim started, rental arranged and dropped at the body shop. This costs us 122 dollars out of pocket. Not a huge deal, but enough to raise my BP. Fast forward to yesterday around 1400 hours. Body Shop calls, Explorer is finished. She picks it up, gets to the very first stop light, sitting still and gets rear ended by some 20's something college kid on her cell. Girl admits fault, says she was on her phone. OCPD called, makes a report and gives us a case number. Claim started.

I'm beginning to think I must have stepped on a bug and altered a time line causing some planet to die and karma is biting us back.

Here's to a better July :coffee:
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