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Jan 16, 2010
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I got some new leather gear for my Sig P365 from Little Bear Custom Holsters ( and wanted to give a short report on it. I got the Aegis Calypto, an AIWB Holster and an OWB Pancake Mag Pouch; made just for me.

Dave, the Owner/Maker at Little Bear Custom Holsters is a vet, and an easy to deal with guy. He responded to my initial email quickly, and then we discussed what I wanted, and man did he ever deliver! He is fast too; I got my new gear in right at two weeks from placing my order to opening the box. I chose the Heavy-Duty Garrett Clip for the holster, and a full sweat shield. It is rock solid; this holster in NOT coming off until I want it to. It is adjustable for both ride height and degree of cant. I wear it right at the one o'clock position AIWB and even being brand new, it is almost unnoticeable inside my pants.

The holster and pouch are made of very good quality leather - thin, but stiff, rigid leather. I like that, it allows for fine detailing and retention. Both the holster and the pouch are well executed and retention is very good. I had to wrap it up in wax paper and an old bread bag overnight to get it to loosen up just a bit. Then I wore it with the gun and spare magazine all day yesterday and again this morning. The fit, draw, and retention is just right now. The gun actually “clicks” like it does with a fitted Kydex Holster when I slide it in the Aegis. I have never had a leather holster do that that before. It is a very well fitted leather holster to be able to click like that. A set of well written, detailed instructions on the break-in and care of your new leather is in your shipment too.

This is now my go-to EDC Holster: The Sig P365 in an Aegis AIWB Holster and a spare mag in one of his nicely made pancake Mag Pouches will be my most often worn set up. I have been carrying for many years, and like many of us here, I have the ’ol box-o-holsters. I have some good ones too; made by Sparks, UBG, Kramer, TT Gunleather … but this AEGIS sold me on its quality, its comfort, the very reasonable price, the excellent and fast service I received, and my overall experience with Little Bear Custom Holsters. Dave gets a big thumbs up for me! Here’s a few pictures:

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