What to do with this obsolete holster?

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Jun 11, 2007
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I got this holster in a bundle box.
It's an old Safariland, leather, basketweave. Definitely an LE holster from the early to mid 90s.
It's heavily used, and it's for a pistol that was only made, as far as I can tell, for three years in the late 80s.
S&W 645.

Now, I'm not interested in selling it.
But if a member were to prove to me they currently own this pistol, I'd be willing to discuss gifting it to them.
@Glock 'em down said it could be a valuable vintage Safariland, but again it's for a rather rare and uncommon pistol (and even if someone local owned this pistol, they wouldn't carry with THIS holster).
Ok here's my conundrum.
It fits my square dust rail 1911 perfectly, minus the retention snaps.
I could cut those off and have a great range (and yard) holster, but I destroy any value of the holster itself.
When I say it fits perfectly, I mean if the snaps and leather flaps were gone this would be perfect.
This holster strap DOES NOT work with any sort of 1911 setup. It doesn't work cocked or uncocked, and the strap pushes on the safety.
But with the retention straps cut off, it's a great open holster with a great amount of leather retention for my particular square 1911. Passes the shake test.
What would y'all say and/or do?

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