New Building Project: Need Concrete/Site Prep and Fencing Work

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May 14, 2020
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Greater Francis, OK metropolitan area
If you're in the dirt moving and/or concrete business, or the fencing business, and you're interested in giving a bid on some work near Ada, please let me know. We can pay in cash and we'll be ready to move on this as soon as I get everything lined up.

Concrete/Site Prep:

We're looking to add a metal barn to our property just outside Ada. I'm in the planning/organizing phase and I need an estimate for some concrete work. It'll require what I believe to be some minor site leveling and would include concrete pads for two sides, each measuring 12' x 25'. The center portion of the structure would be open with a gravel base.

I've attached a basic drawing with dimensions. If you're interested you might shoot me a quote to concrete the whole thing, too. I might be able to swing that...just not sure yet.


The fencing portion will be pretty minor. It entails relocating an existing chain link fence and double vehicle gate and adding new fencing plus one walk-thru gate to enclose the above building.


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