Old Tools Are Better! - Thanks To An OSA Member For The Opportunity To Get These!!

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Nic D.

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May 28, 2018
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South Tulsa
There was 1 tool in this bundle that I hadn't been able to figure out it's purpose.

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Tonight I attempted (successfully I might add) to replace my first balance staff. It's as close to open heart surgery on a watch that you can do. The tool pictured above is an ingenious home-made roller remover. The roller table is press fit onto the lower side of the balance staff. It has the impulse jewel, and is the part from the balance assembly that engages the pallet fork to make the watch run.

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There are few options in tools to specifically made to remove the roller table. Simply prying it off would cause damage to the balance wheel assembly. This tool shown in the first picture (orientated incorrectly in my photo) is designed to wedge between the back side of the roller table and the underside of the balance staff. Once wedged between, you simply use a proper sized hollow stake and gently press on the top side of the balance staff and the entire roller assembly separates itself! @Nic D. , your grandfather was a clever man. The purpose made tool I had planned on buying at some point would be around $120. This gizmo did it without breaking a sweat!
Awesome, my mom and I are very happy you are enjoying them.

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