Prayers for Granddaughter

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Jan 21, 2018
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Received a nervous call from my daughter last night with some concerning information regarding her daughter. Poor little one has been dealing with digestive issues since her birth 1/28/21 and gets these strange 104° fevers out of nowhere (no cold or flu) that would last 4-5 days and then go away for a few weeks. My daughter has been having a heck of a time finding a doctor that’s worth a damn but seems to have finally found one that’s up to the task. New doc ran a blood panel and discovered her alkaline phosphatase (a liver enzyme) level was 4Xs the acceptable normal level which could mean a number of things, all of which are quite serious. Possible diagnosis range from liver or kidney disease, bone disorders, leukemia, GI diseases and on and on. At this point the doc is consulting with other physicians and will run a more thorough blood panel to narrow down the likely culprit(s). If you would, please pray for Victoria (my daughter) John her husband and baby Blake. I pray the Lord brings comfort to all, a calming spirit for the parents and wisdom to the doctors treating her.
Thanks to my OSA Family

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