Reminiscing in the past.

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Sep 22, 2009
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NE Oklahoma/Now Florida
Duck hunting when it was so cold your eyes hurt.

Catching so many crappie you had a thumb that had no finger print.

Riding a 250 quad racer with a twist throttle.

Deer hunting on property you didn't have permission and the land owner was 20ft from you. Camo was my friend.

Quail hunting with a neighbor that couldn't stand your dad. I didn't realize this until after the hunt.

Prefishing for a bass tournament and catching three bass over 7lbs. Then not catching anything above 2lbs during the tournament.

Being pulled behind a 60's ford P/U while on a sled. Then repeating it with you own children.

Drag racing the police on the local city airport runway.

Buying beer from a store that was owned by a police officer and I being under age. Then being pulled over the same night and the store owner confiscating said beer.

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