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Oklahoma City Revised: CasePro 100 w/Dillon Case Feeder

Mad Professor

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Dec 1, 2008
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Moore, OK
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SWOKC, Moore, Norman, 73160, Moore, Oklahoma, United States
This is a machine to repair bulges in cases near the rim. This is an area where dies can not get to with a conventional die holder. The case is rolled between two plates to correct the diameter. It rolls the bulge up the case allowing it to be correctly sized with conventional dies.

40/10mm plates
38 Super Plates
Full mounting Kit
Bin Bracket

Dillon Case Feeder is now included.

Unit equipped like this costs $1200+ without a case feeder.
I have used this to process 9mm that was fired in open bolt machine guns and PCC, 40 with “Glock” bulge, and 10mm brass.

While the plates are made for 38 Super, I have processed quite a bit of 9mm brass. It is a few thousandths under SAAMi spec, but so is 90% of the factory ammo I have measure. I have also processed 38 SuperComp with it.

With this setup, you can run 9mm, 38 Super, 38 SuperComp, 375 SIG, .40 S&W, 10mm.
Additional plates are available from CasePro.

I replaced this with a $2000+ commercial rollsizer package. This works as well. Actually possibly better, but I rollsize 60-90K of brass a year. Something I wouldn’t dream of with this unit. It will work well for 99% of the reloaders out there.

I can negotiate a sale without the case feeder if desired.




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