That Gurl, Lets compare tree attacking stories :)

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Feb 22, 2010
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My story begins on a beautiful December 2, 2022 day. I decided to clear a longer shooting lane for my deet blind so a shot could be made across a ravine. There was one last tree coming out from the bank at the top of the ravine that needed to be cut down. As I had both feet on the trunk I began to cut and really thought that it would fall a certain way. About 1 minute before it feel I thought to myself it sure would hurt if I fell to the bottom of the 13’ ravine. When the tree fell I was struck in the head by a large limb with the full weight of the tree. I was knocked out and of course fell to the bottom of the ravine. I am not sure how long I was out but woke up looking at a blue sky. The chainsaw was still running but had fallen under the tree. My injuries include a broken left wrist, a strained right had, bumps, bruises, and a messed up neck. I have had neck pain and a headache since that day. I have had an mri of head and neck and been seeing a pain management doctor. He has tried several treatments and even nerve ablations on both sides of my neck. Nothing has worked. I am now trying to get into a neuro surgeon for the next step. Well, we all know what surgeons like to do. Time will tell. :) I am so blessed that God protected me in my stupidity as He often does but He did allow this one to hurt. I very easily could have broken my neck and died right there and the coyotes and hogs would have eaten me. lol

I really wish I had a video.


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Dec 9, 2008
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Want to talk messed up necks? They took my whole head off, notice the ring? Now 4 metal plates, one one each side, front and back hold my head up.

Don’t stave off neck issues, get them looked at fast. @Preacherman hope you have only soreness awhile and no damage. Neck **** ain’t no fun!

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Don't fly much? TSA could be a biatch getting through.


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Mar 25, 2020
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😨😨😨OMG! Just reading that made me break out in a cold sweat and get a little nauseous! I'm SO glad you weren't hurt worse ... Or worse. I have come to learn that most accidents involving trees are fatal to the poor person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 😢

Yep, I have neck pain and headaches also. To be fair I had those problems before my accident but they have been worse (and more difficult to treat) since the tree bounced my head off the concrete patio I was standing on.

No luck with ablations for me either. I've lost count of how many I had. And I've seen a neurosurgeon, who did some work on my thoracic spine because he thought my problem might actually be from lower than my cervical spine, but no luck there either.

An ACDF surgery that fused C4, 5 and 6 helped for a while BUT ... When they do those types of surgeries it stabilizes the problematic vertebrae which helps TREMENDOUSLY. Problem is you are putting added pressure on the vertebrae above and below the fusion so it is possible you will just be dealing with the pain again in a few years.

What has worked for me so far was pain management and physical therapy. The problem with pain management is over time you WILL develop a tolerance to the pain meds. Which will have you needing higher doses of pain meds -- not good. Also, if taken for long periods of time pain meds will actually make you MORE sensitive to pain signals -- again causing you to need more and more to keep the pain at bay.

I recently stopped pain management because I was not getting any benefit from the meds. I'm not gonna lie, it was a ROUGH couple of weeks. But now that my body has "re-set" itself I'm managing so far, so good with THC gummies. I haven't found one that hits that sweet spot where I get pain relief and can still be functional but I'll get it worked out eventually.

Honestly your accident sounds SO much worse than mine! I'm glad you are okay! If you have any questions about what to ask the doctor or what he tells you feel free to ask! I may not know the answer but if I do I'm glad to share.

Oh ... And be prepared for pain management to treat you like a damned criminal. I got SO tired of that ****. 😶😞😞😞

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