Walmart backs BLM


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Sep 7, 2009
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I hope this is not true.

"Looks like Walmart decided to pick a side. This made me sick to read. Copied and pasted from a private group on FB.

My husband is a good man. My husband is not perfect. My husband makes mistakes. My husband is the type of person that would help anyone at any time. My husband is a police officer. Today I watched the light in my husband and my son's eyes leave. Today I had to defend one of the bravest men I have ever met.
Let's back up a bit. Today is Sunday, June 14th, 2020. Our family went to church as we do every Sunday. After church, we ran to Walmart in Grove Oklahoma. This is not unusual for our family, in fact, this is almost always a weekly trip. Someone has forgotten something and we zip over to Walmart and pick up what we need.
Today changed that for our family. We will never return to Grove Walmart or any other Walmart. While in the store a message repeatedly played over the loudspeaker. This message stated that Walmart understands white privilege exist and supports Black lives matter. It went on to say how they support the black community and acknowledge the injustices committed by the law enforcement agencies. I watched my nine-year-old son whip his head around and the light goes out in my husband's eyes. We decided to leave the store. My husband was just going to leave and not say anything to anyone. But I had to show my son that his father was a good man and that sometimes we have to stand up for what is right.
I asked our check out person if she would please get a manager for us. She said why maybe I can help. I said no please just call a manager. She refused. She looked at my husband and asked him to tell her why I wanted a manager. My husband replied that the message on the speaker is directly against his line of work and that it was not friendly towards the police department. She responded with I am no longer comfortable speaking with you. He said that is fine but you asked what was wrong so I told you. She said I did ask but I no longer want to know. I said that it is fine could you please call the manager my husband and I would like to speak with the manager. He is a police officer and would like to address this issue. At this time she said that she would not serve us at all because he was a police officer and she just walked away. She left us with half of our order rang up. I looked at the lady behind me with tears in my eyes and she told my husband thank you for your service.
Some other checkers came and finished the purchase. A few minutes later two male employees came up. The manager asked what happened. When we told him he said that she had the right to not serve anyone. My husband agreed with that. My husband told the manager that he didn't expect Walmart to back Blue lives but he did think of the very least for impartiality. The manager proceeded to tell us that corporate feel like there are more black people than law enforcement and that money is more important to the corporation than law enforcement and their families. He said this was Walmart's corporate policy.
I asked the man so Walmart is not going to support law enforcement officers at all? His response was no not as long as they were making more money from the people in this movement. So this tells me that they only care about money.
The manager said that people at corporate make the decisions and they have to play the message. Another officer came up and showed his badge asked about the broadcast and we told him about how we were treated and that Walmart corporation feels that law enforcement can be refused service just for being police officers his face registered utter shock.
My son was devastated. We were treated like criminals. My husband was devastated. This is what These black lives matter and defund the police is causing. This is not okay.
I am a proud LEO wife, I am proud of my husband. My husband may save that lady someday but still, she will hate him. Please Share
This needs to be shared everywhere - it's beyond wrong.
Jana Lanza"


Nov 11, 2013
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I can't tell you whether or not this particular story is true, I have seen it posted a couple of times so far.
However, I can tell you that the alleged response by said management is NOT the corporate response or position. I can tell you we have a long standing good working relationship with our local PDs and even have reserved dedicated parking spots for LEOs that are there even if not in uniform or patrol car.
If said associate did in fact walk away, this was on his/her own accord. Yes our associates have that right but I personally have never seen one of my associates refuse service to anyone other than a rude or belligerent person. We did at one time have an announcement that looped in the stores about what Walmart is doing to combat this so called "systemic racism" (my opinion) but I haven't heard it in sometime. Mainly it was ran overnight.
I have been with Walmart for almost 9 years. I don't always agree with some of their decisions or actions but I have never seen them do anything that would be this detrimental to community cohesion.

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Sep 8, 2009
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Sir, step away from the toolbox!
Now you know why I don't participate in falsebook. There are so many stupid people on there that it boggles the mind. If my friends and family want to contact me or keep up, send an email or call me.

That's the real downside to the internet (which some call "the errornet").
It gives everybody, no matter how honest or dishonest they are, a bullhorn and a sh-tload of batteries. And ugly headlines sell.

I agree with you on Facebook. When asked recently if I was on there, I told the person that I have a Three-F policy:
(Starts with F) Facebook Forever.
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