Is Tulsa's mail delivery about to get significantly slower?

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Aug 8, 2022
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Edmond, OK 73034
the Pony Express was faster on horseback than these jokers we have running USPS. I have notice that it takes longer every time I buy something and its sent USPS and is usually ragged! boxes crushed, bubble envelopes literaly destroyed. I ordered a slide for a 45 a year ago and the Postal delivery person stuck it and hanging out of the front of the mailbox. Its a locking mail box with a small slot for letters in the front. The back of it has a 12" x 18" place to set packages or oversize mail. I almost pooped my pants when I came home and a 45 slide hanging out. I bought a new guitar a year ago and it was delivered by UPS and the had used it for a seat! The more stuff is handled the more damage to boxes and product. I always track my stuff and have watched so many items be within 3 miles of my house on I 35 in Edmond in a USPS truck and end up in Dallas Tx area, then to Norman, then Yukon, back to Dallas, Norman, OKC two or 3 places then Edmond about a week after I tracked it with a few miles. I really dont like using Amazon but they get things delivered and NO damages in a hurry. Maybe USPS should use Amazon logistics instead of what they have been doing the past 25 yrs.

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