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    Default Scams on Armslist

    Anyone notice a rise of apparent scams on Armslist.I.E. great buys that are always out of state sellers where you send the money and wait for your item.Two I just saw,8 inch Colt Python 750.00 Springfield M1A scout L.I.N.B. 850.00 Give me a break'

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    Send me $700.00 and I'll send you a Colt!!!

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    The checks in the mail"

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    O.K. thanks, It really is a shame that people are trying to rip off good peoples money and even more of a shame that some people actually fall for those scams???

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    I don't have a lot of experience with Armslist except for listing one gun for sale. That listing generated two guys from out of state wanting to do a face to face sale. The first guy had an out of state area code and when I asked him about it and said I wouldn't do that kind of deal, he got pissy and hung up. I'll stick with the OSA classifieds from now on.

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    I usually only browse and buy from listings listed in Oklahoma, unless Im looking for something real specific. At that time I doubt Id buy from a private party. Its like craigslist, theres no one brokering the transaction so anything less than FTF is pretty iffy. Looking through the other states' listings, I think OK is probably top 5 as far as sheer number of listings. Just like anything on the internet, buyer beware and use some common sense.

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    I'm not too big of a man to admit I was hit on Armslist about a year and a half ago. A friend of mine with the DOD opened an investigation in conjunction with the FBI and they caught the bastard. He had stolen a Air Force Lt.'s I.D. The good part is the post office he used to cash the postal money order either didn't ask for an I.D. or didn't notice that the Lt.'s picture was a white "military" looking guy and the guy cashing the money order looked like "Crabman" from My Name is Earl.
    I took every precaution I could think of and he had them all covered. This guy hit an estimated 100+ people on Armslist before he was caught.

    Will I ever get my money back. Nope.

    Do Postal Money Orders give you any protection? HELL NO.

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    I actually had a good experience on Arms List a few weeks back. The item listed was from a seller who lived in a town near me, and I was able to meet face to face. The seller was clear in his communication, and nothing about our interaction seemed suspicious (the price was in line with the item, item was as described in the pictures, etc). Maybe I am just one of the lucky ones. I would not use Arms List for anything other than face to face dealings. I have only used one site (S&W forum) for out of state deals that required using an FFL, and all of my deals there went very well. I think that just like buying anything else one needs to do due diligence in order to avoid a scam.

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    Sounds like a great site to stay away from!

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    Reminds me of some of the car deals you use to see on Craigslist, you know the ones that started "My Son needs surgery"

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    I havent had any transactions on armslist in quite sometime.Never had a bad one though,just lowballers

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    The only time I bought anything on Armslist was when I found my wife's gun. I must have gotten lucky because the guy was extremely professional and even let me meet him at his house to pick the gun up (since I would be busy for the next week and he had house work to get done that day). Am I still going to be cautious if I buy anything else on there? You bet. But if you do your homework you more than likely won't get screwed.

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    I've done 5-6 transactions on there all good for me
    Feed back

    Quote Originally Posted by r00s7a View Post
    And simply because I'm top of the food chain and I can.

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    Default Re: Scams on Armslist

    i listed a gun last year and had several hits on it. one outta stater and and a guy who lived 20miles from me actually bought it. funny thing is, he was my own cousin!! and had no idea it was me till the day before he picked it up

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