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    Default J frame disassembly

    I've got a little j frame that has a broken hammer spur, instead of replacing the hammer I think I'm just going to bob it since I see no reason for a hammer spur on this gun anyway.

    Are there any decent assembly diagrams or exploded views on the interwebs before I tear into it? I'll still probably just go for it tomorrow though. I'll make sure to take it apart in a plastic bad in case anything decides to try and enter orbit.
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    Default Re: J frame disassembly

    Unless you really need to get at the guts of her, there is no reason to disassymble. As long as she is locking up tight, and not out of time leave them insides be.
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    Default Re: J frame disassembly

    Agree....You can bob the hammer without disassambly. If you do decide to get into the insides the tricky part will be the rebound spring. Smith's are fun to get inside once you have done it.

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    Default Re: J frame disassembly

    I've had one apart before, the trigger assembly is a little tricky to get out and back in. I did it all without a diagram, just go slow, and watch out for the Jesus spring(s).

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    Default Re: J frame disassembly

    I wouldn't exactly call it fun, but not too awful bad. I've taken both of my lock guns apart to disable the lock, and both of them still work. In my opinion, assembly was the difficult part. Just go slow and be patient.
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    Default Re: J frame disassembly

    I guess I could tape up all the open places and then have at it, worried about crud getting into places it doesn't belong.
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    Default Re: J frame disassembly

    You can do it. Helps to have the spring tool for the rebound spring but you can do it with a screwdriver or a punch or something.

    great pictures and step by step You may have to log in to see the photos

    The Kuhnhausen book is the standard manual. It helps but the link above is pretty good.

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