Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant at OKCGC April 1-3 2022!

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Sep 6, 2019
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Moore, Oklahoma
Keepers Concealment is proud to host Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant for two April 2022 trainings at The Oklahoma City Gun Club.

April 1 will be “The Class” (Image Based Decisional Drills). From The Complete Combatant Website description of the class: Our Image Based Decisional Drills "THE CLASS" stems from our dry practice or live practice Image Based Decisional Drills learning system. This is a well thought out KIT with a deck of 21 Image Cards that provide IMAGES that will help you to recognize danger and to make smart decisions ahead of time. Our image based learning system is another beneficial step on your way to making good decisions quickly.

April 2 and 3 will be the Red Dot Concepts 2 Day Course. From The Complete Combatant Website description of the class: “This class will focus on the draw to first-round hits from concealment unless you have an open rig. We will work on proximal extension relative to the attacker, using the red dot to the most significant advantage at different distances, multiple hand positions that the armed citizen encounters during a fight, and stacking complex cognitive tasks under pressure. Biomechanics of movement and the neuroscience of the decisional process and training methodologies will be explored. If you shoot competitively or carry a pistol for personal protection you will benefit from this class.

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