Deer Population Control Nonsense


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Dec 9, 2008
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Ponca City Ok
Back in the 80's there was a professional curmudgeon with the name of Cleveland Armory. He almost single handedly stopped hunting in the US, but his blunders stopped it cold in its tracks.

We are still suffering with the after effects.

Cleveland Armory, the president of (Funds for Animals) almost shut down hunting in America. At the Congressional hearing the USFWS experts exposed the fraud of closing down hunting in America and show what disaster that would be for wildlife. Congress ruled with the wildlife experts and sent the cry babies on their way. Afterwards, Cleveland Amory started funding the ARA’s (animal rights activists) to attend different colleges and get wildlife degrees. Their plan was to have the ARA’s work their way up through college and finally enter into the decision making careers/positions that will ultimately decide the future of our wildlife. End result, close down hunting. Over the decade of the 80′s people started losing interest in the animal rights movement. A direct fight with closing down hunting would not work.

After congress presented that BIG blow to the ARA movement the ARA groups had a new agenda in mind that started in the 80′s. Their agenda started with the use of the wolf as their tool to push their agenda forward. The common question that comes up is “how did they know wolves would be so destructive to our wildlife and that it would cause the end of hunting clear back in the 80′s?”

Back in the 60′s the book (Never Cry Wolf) was release on a fraud saying it was based on real life of Dr. Mech. BTW, Dr. Mech later stated the book only had 2 things right.

1. He did study wolves in Alaska. 2. There are wolves in Alaska. Everything else was fiction.

The book told lovely fairy tales telling us that wolves mostly eat mice and keep the herds healthy. You know… Commonly referred to as “wolves only kill the sick and the weak”. A pure boldfaced lie and laughable to anyone who has actually studied wolves.

So, a “so called” Alaskan biologist had this great idea to put 11 wolves on an island to help balance the deer herd.
What was the end result of this fairy tale?The wolves almost wiped out every single living deer on the island. One wolf on average was killing 35-50 deer annually and untold amount of fawns. In fact the research team said they were unable to do a fawn count due impart to the wolves consuming the entire body of the baby fawns. The end result? The wolves starved to death. The few remaining deer that were lucky enough to survive lived in the roughest and thickest part of the island. Yup, you guessed it… The end result of that idiotic and pathetic failure was no hunting on the island.

Cleveland Armoury also put up a ton of money to put sterile deer in the everglades to stop the overpopulation. Deer were restricted to small parcels of land in the swamps, and over populating. The Florida dept of wildlife designated an area for the feel gooders and an area for controlled hunting.

As I'm sure we all know, the controlled hunting cost the state nothing, but the sterile doe experiment cost them millions.

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