Heavy Cannabis Use Linked to Schizophrenia Especially among Young Men

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Jan 1, 2006
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Don't we all want people controlling us....

Control me harder democrat/ uniparty masters
Nah, we want freedom to smoke dope man, I mean lady. It’s proven to make society a much better place and the taxes have made our roads and schools to near perfection levels. Best thing to ever happen to an Oklahoma.


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Oct 22, 2005
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Oxford, MS
Specifically Nutt asks whether some of the cases in the study may have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia—rather than an alternative diagnosis of another condition, cannabis-induced psychosis. He wonders whether lower reported risk figures for women suggest that cannabis may be protective against schizophrenia. He also points to factors acknowledged by the researchers that could possibly confound results, such as the lack of data on the participants’ frequency of cannabis use or age at first use or on the amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, in the products they used.

Seems like the article does a good job of pointing out the main idea, as well as some of the possible problems with the study.

But there will be those on either side will latch onto whatever they wish to reinforce their beliefs, i guess

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Jan 24, 2020
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FAA did do a study on marijuana use and flying. The study showed reflexes were slower after 4 days of smoking one joint. I do not want my Doctor, pilot or anyone who holds my life in their hands to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol. Is smoking marijuana then bad? I do believe it is about dosage and overall health. I think a small percentage of people can benefit from light usage.

Heavy usage? Think their are elements in our government that would want that. I think that it does make individuals more complacent, more willing to accept bad things with heavy use.

Do I think it should be legal? Yes. I feel most adults are responsible enough to moderate usage. I do think though there are serious issues which are not talked about with use that are being hidden from the marijuana "lobby" and the government. Unfortunately use has gone from smoking it to cultivating stronger strains, gummies and vaping it, concentrating the intoxicants (THC) 100's of times over the naturally occurring THC. Funny how many negate psychological addiction when it comes to marijuana, or potential for it to be a "gateway drug." Personally I think there is some validity to the "gateway drug" mentality due to indifference (I used marijuana and nothing bad happened, perhaps it will be the same with other drugs.) This is another issue which should be seriously discussed.
If there is anything to eviloution, survival of the fittest, to improve the sopecies, wouldn't that include mental fitness (intelligence) as well? In my area, NE OK. we have a pot store on every corner, and every time a store front opens up guess what, another pot store!! I have a hard time believing that many people us this stuff, but they obviously do, or these stores couldn't stay open? I think using this stuff, or anything else we don't fully understand yet, like VAPING, is a really bad idea!! But I also thing we the American People are quite capable of making our own choices, and DON'T NEED CROOKED POLITICIANS, telling us what to do!

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