Silly debate my son and I had


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Jun 5, 2018
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Ok, I'll pose this question here and give me and my son's responses and reasons.

Say a zombie apocalypses actually happened. Now you rural folk probably wont be too worried, but us city folk, well we would need some place secure if we could not get out of the city rapidly. So I posed to my son this question: If you had to find a place that was easy to secure but would be stocked for a while, where and what would you do.

My response: Take over a wal-mart. The doors can be locked and the entrances blockaded with items you won't need that are heavy. Most super centers have automotive departments that you could park a vehicle. They have food, clothes, cleaning supplies, health supplies, and some still have firearms and ammo. They even have plenty of air mattresses, blankets, pillows, etc. And if you can rig up a way to the roof you would have a good shooting floor for defense.

My son's response: take over a school. Plenty of room, locking doors. Has a kitchen. Not known to hold a lot of supplies so less of a target. Would need to make supply runs, but would be more secure than most other places.

Ok, now time for your thoughts.


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Jan 20, 2013
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OKC used to have a Federal Reserve Bank years ago, 30-ish years ago, we had a neighbor who worked there. Place was like a Fort Knox. IIRC it was closed some years later. There is still a Federal Reserve Bank in OKC but I think, IIRC, it is not like what was here before. I *think* but I'm not sure, during the age of writing checks, gazallions every day, they were run through there, I think. Paper checks were flown everynight by every young pilot wanting to build flying time hours.

Anyway, the place was literally a giant bank vault and was as safe as could be.

Or, alternatively, you could go to the State Capitol goverment buildings, cuz as we all know, ain't no brains working at the Oklahoma State Capitol complex and why would a zombie go there, it'd starve.

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