Since this is getting Stupid! 30.06

Jack Shootza 50

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Oct 8, 2021
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I'm looking for people that reload 30.06. I'm not wanting to re-invent the wheel. My thoughts are Buy a few reloads from some different people. Run them through my rifle and see what shoots. Then either have "the Winner" sell me some rounds or I can get some dies and my buddy will load them for me. What's wrong with the plan?
You can buy a cheap Lee press and dies for less than a Ben Franklin and you're in business but you'll be straining to find primers and powders, with the 06 I found the best powders were 4895-4350 IMR or Hodgdon and just about anything in between and sometimes you can find military surplus powders that will work at a much reduced price.....good luck.
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