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Apr 4, 2022
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This is the end of the world for me. A small percentage of women are not going to have sex. This is a travesty and abomination to the natural order of things. Oh look more time to work on my hobbies and startup.


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Jul 5, 2021
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Joy Behar Proposes a Sex Strike to Battle Potential Overturn of Roe: ‘We Have More Power Than We Think’​

The View co-host Joy Behar has an idea to stop any potential overturning of Roe v. Wade: a sex strike.

This week on The View, Behar floated the idea while mentioning past examples of depriving men of carnal pleasures to back up the case. The suggestion came during a discussion about the opinion draft leak out of the Supreme Court suggesting Roe v. Wade could be overturned soon by the court, of course, as well as the future consequences such a reversal could lead to

“Women in the world have conducted sex strikes in history,” Behar told her co-hosts. “In 2003, a sex strike helped to end Liberia’s brutal civil war and the woman who started it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2009, Kenyan women enforced a sex ban until police political infighting ceased. Within one week, there was a stable government.”
While the audience laughed at the idea, Behar declared, “We have more power than we think we do and some of it could be in the bedroom.”
Co-host Sara Haines was down for the idea, adding, “And what a perfect weapon and method for the topic we’re talking about.”
Behar earlier in the week suggested Roe v. Wade being overturned after decades could be a slippery slope that leads to things like gay marriage and interracial marriage eventually being threatened or decided at the state level.
Co-host Whoopi Goldberg ended the segment on sex strikes by saying Roe v. Wade being overturned could backfire on men, as well as women.
“I want us all to have the same rights, the right to decide what is right for yourself [and] your family,” she said. “You don’t have to have an abortion. I don’t have to have an abortion. No one does, but if someone needs one, why shouldn’t they be able to get it? And, otherwise, men, this is going to come after you in some weird way too.”
Watch above, via ABC.
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We should let Libturds pursue their abortions, go full tilt for same sex marriages......would be fewer of them in the world to have to shoot one day.......economy of resources. Now, about that southern border. How about Patriots shutting it down.......BYONVO.....Bring Your Own Night Vision Optics.

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