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Aug 13, 2012
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This is kinda the plan for me and the old lady. Here in a few years we’re planning on buying a nice piece of land, at least 40 acres. We’ll sell 2-5 acre plots to my mom and sister, her mom, and her sister. Then we could have me raise a few cows and goats, and everyone else raise a few chickens and gardens. Combine that with a pond and each other’s strengths and we could be borderline self sufficient.
That sound great in theory, but it’s tough to pull off. I’ve got 50 acres here in TX, and my brother lives on my parents place with 135 acres 20 miles away. Between us, we‘ve got two stocked ponds, cows, chickens, two gardens and A BUNCH of deer, and we’re far from self sufficient. It may just be that we’re not doing it right. :anyone:


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Jan 20, 2013
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You really should look into getting Heirloom Seed vegetables. These are the ones that you save the seeds from the fruit-vegetable at Harvest time, store them, and plant them next time around.

Todays modern Hybrid seeds are pretty much the opposite. They are, basically more or less, genetically modified, are tend to be tasteless or less tasteful than old Heirloom ones.

There's nothing wrong with growing and eating fruits/veggies from todays modern Hybrid seeds, per se, they will grow well, they just probably won't taste quite as good. In other words, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Do some research, learn about this, talk to the folks at your county extension office, join with or attend some meetings of your local garden club. There are companies, I can't recall a name right this second, that do nothing but save before they are lost seeds etc and sell those, lots of really loyal customers who refuse to eat, or grow, the modern stuff.
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