DeSantis Mini Scabbard for G3C is okay-enough.


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Aug 21, 2015
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Never had a leather holster in 15 years of carrying handguns off and on.

This little guy is, okay.
The only real gripe I can find is the front sight post scrapes
the holster top since the opening is only at the far end of the holster,
leaving little bits of leather on the gun. That may or may not clear up
over time. And it flops around a bit even with a wide stiff belt cinched up
pretty well. It's not like wall-mart guy with his piece sitting horizontal
in a loose holster and bad belt kinda loose, but it's a little loose.

This holster, with a paddle to make it stable, would be pretty interesting.
If anyone makes that for this gun I'd like to hear about it, stable and close to the body
is a priority.
I'm not near as fast on draw or reholster with it as I am with about anything
kydex or plastic, but I guess that's to be expected. I think if one could tailor it to
the width of ones belt, or have a belt exactly the size of the slots it runs through,
it would help and I may look into that one day(you could adjust the can't a bit for or aft
as well. It's also nice that you can, depending on your belt loop setup, pull it forward or
push it back pretty much at will for sitting, standing, different chairs, etc.
For house carry or maybe winter concealed, it's not bad for the money it's at on Amazon.

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