L.A. joins other Calif. cities, banning gas stoves to save the environment


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Sep 8, 2009
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I guess if they can clean up all the smog by banning natural gas stoves, then they can cook with those solar stoves made out of cardboard pizza boxes ?????
They think it will save the environment to make everybody go to electric stoves but where is that coming from? Will they all be standing in a thunderstorm with a kite and a string?
My understanding is the ban takes effect on new gas hookups next year in 2013.

"...Last Friday, the Los Angeles County City Council passed a motion placing a ban on most residential and commercial gas appliances to reduce carbon emissions and thereby combating climate change. Los Angeles County strives to be carbon neutral by 2045. More than 50 cities and counties in California, such as San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Sacramento, already have passed ordinances that require construction of new buildings to be natural gas-free or meet electrification building codes.
...To become carbon neutral, restaurants must invest in swapping their gas equipment for electric infrastructure. Restaurants’ gas bills may vanish completely, but their electricity costs will increase. For the greater good of the planet, chefs may have to adopt new cooking techniques and practices...."

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