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New .22 cans from Gem-Tech.

Discussion in 'NFA & Class III Discussion' started by ColtDogg, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. ColtDogg

    ColtDogg Sharpshooter

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    Dec 25, 2007
    I was going to post this in someones post tonight about a few of the new .22 cans out by Gem-tech. More I put into it, the more I thought it needed to have its own post going. I do not want to hi-jack anyone.

    I am a big fan of the Gem-Tech .22 cans. I have a OutBack II and love it. From what I read in the past, its one of the best cans you can get for around the $300.00 range. The bad,,, you can not take it a part!! I have read that some guys found a way to take it a part. Last Sat. I spent about 30min or more with Kel from Get-Tech,,, Very nice guy, and I asked him about the guys posting on line about taking them a part and he said it was not a big deal. Told me if I ever had to send my can in for work to put a note with it saying do use the lock tight on it. It was not big deal.

    Now they did come out with a few new toys, The G5-22 comes with one mount, and will come a part. I think the list price on this gun is at $599. Not a 100% sure of that. I got to shoot one on S&W M&P 15-22. I was shock My Outback II makes more sound then that one did. It is also Full Auto rated as well.
    This is the one I am thinking about getting for my Full Auto I just bought.

    Now I had to ask them this as well, "What will happen if I put a .22 kit in my Full Auto AR and run it auto?" Kel said have fun with it. The Outback II is not full Auto Rated because the can dose not LOCK on the gun. Said not to run 1000's of rnds in it and not make sure it is going to fall off. If will work its self off of the gun and to check it after each mag. Not a big deal to me. Seems like I can run 40 or so rnds out of the P22 and can will want to come off the gun.

    The they also made a new pistol .22 can very nice. I forgot the name of it, I am not sure this is full auto rated as well. I do not think it is. I got to play with one on a SIG last Sat. as well. Still had a bit of sound to it.
    I just think for the money, go with the OutBack II.

    Now if you go with a Gem-tech, or any of you others are thinking about buying from Gem-tech, You can call them and they are always happy to talk with you, and help you with anything you need!!

    I have also looked at a few other .22 cans an they are very nice. Some good price, and some are a bit high. I have shot some of the cans going for $199.00 They do take a lot of the bang!! But all in all, you do get what you pay for.

    I have looked at a few cans to put on me MP5, and my M16. I talked with the MAJOR a few times about Gem-Tech .223 and 9mm. I see that they do make a very good 9mm can and not so good in 5.56 cans.
    After last Sat. I am very happy that I have a AAC M4 2000 for my M16. and once I go with a 9mm can, I am sure its going to be a Osprey.

    This is my 0.02 cents:twocents:

    To some of you newer members that are just getting into all this, I would call MAJ MALFUNCTION! He will help you the best he can, helps with all the papers and just a very helpful, and cool dude!

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