One of the greatest men in football has headed for the locker.


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Aug 10, 2015
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I grew up a Madden fan. At Oakland and on even to the booth. He changed football. We wouldn't have football without him. In an era where the coaches wore brimmed hats and ties and never blinked, Madden cared. He cared about his players, the game and winning. He didn't like down sticks but he respected the guys holding them.
When Howard Cosell wanted zero to do with Madden in the booth (also Madden wasn't crazy about it either) but when he got there, it all changed. You knew from his mad drawings, turducken, flailing hands that he still loved and knew the game. He wanted us to know and feel it too. We did.
The kids today and tomorrow will only know his by the video game. We,my generation, will know him as an earth bound God (not our Lord).
His players loved him. The fans loved him and I loved him. I remember going to a Raider game (in a horrible part of town) and getting to see Madden drive up in an oldsmobile that had seen better days. It was way before game time and we were shocked to see him because he rode the bus with the players (that's when they came in a bus to their stadium.
SO COOL but no cell phones then to get a picture. He would sign autographs and take pictures with anyone. If you ever wanted to meet him, just find the best philly cheesesteak in the Greater Oakland area at lunch. He's probably there.
Those were the day. Good night John. You won

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