So we had the black on black cop beating...NOW THIS

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Jan 24, 2022
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I believe it was overreaction. In other words, the police may have remained silent and waited for the man to relax, pass out from alcohol or drugs, or tire himself out. It's not like he was just going to blend into a crowd and escape somewhere because they knew who he was and where he lived.


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Apr 5, 2007
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Black and possibly other non-Caucasian officer shoot man with no legs:
I wish the left could move beyond race and embrace the bill of rights...yeah this guy attacked someone, but they are agents of the state and can't legally use deadly force unless it is the ONLY option. This should unite the right & the left on improving police training & accountability, but it won' side will still wave the blue line flag "no matter what" and the other will claim race "no matter what".

I don't see an answer. And the real irony is, the same people protesting the Memphis beating are at the same time now defending the officers saying they are only being charged because THEY are black...the racial stuff just destroys all ability to improve things.
Here’s what I find odd about people’s reactions to situations like this.
They think that because they see a video clip of something like this that now they are fully up to speed on what happened, who’s to blame, who screwed it up, what led up to this etc. etc.
I look at these videos often carefully edited by the press to show just what they want you to see and I don’t really have an opinion.
I’ve seen this go on going back to Rodney King and I just don’t think a video clip gives enough truth or evidence of what was going on at ground zero for me to know much.
There’s sure a lot of judgments being leveled on the police around this country and I think all of them should take off for a month’s vacation and let all of the experts take care of their own people problems for a while.
I’d be curious to see what that video looks like..

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